Learners/Novice drivers

Lessons are on a one to one basis and include an introductory pack. This contains information on the syllabus covered so you always know where you are on the course. We can pick you up from home, work or college as long as it falls within the area’s covered. Theory and hazard perception training is included as well as mock tests.

To help new drivers get started, your first lesson with Elite School of Motoring is one and a half hours for the cost of one hour.

1 hour £26.00
1 ½ hours £39.00
2 hours £52.00

Block Bookings

10 hours £255.00 saving £5.00
20 hours £500.00 saving £20.00

Why not treat friends or family to driving lessons with Elite. Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion,
our gift vouchers are the perfect present.

 Pass Plus (Click here)

With this course, Elite offers invaluable guidance on aspects of driving not usually covered in the ‘L’ test. Such as driving in towns, all weathers, country roads, at night and on motorways. Due to the extra experience gained through the Pass Plus course, many insurers will offer substantial discounts (up to 33%) off your motor insurance. There is no test at the end.


Refresher Lessons

If you’ve not driven for some time and want to brush up on your driving skills, Elite can get you back on the road again.

1 hour £26.00

 Motorway Lessons

We can help alleviate any fears or worries you have about driving on the motorway. Our course covers all you need to know about joining/leaving and overtaking on the motorway as well as the rules and procedures to keep you safe. We also cover what to do if you breakdown. Soon you’ll be as confident on the motorway as you are with any other area of driving.

2 hours £60.00

Semi-intensive courses

If time is of the essence we can structure your course to meet your needs and get you through at a fast pace. We don’t cut corners though, so you still get you the experience and support you need to be a confident, safe driver.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance