“I found driving really difficult and my anxiety used to get the better of me, but Sarah has consistently been there to support me and enabled me to pass my driving test by believing in me and moulding me into a more confident driver. If you are thinking of booking some lessons with ELITE SCHOOL OF MOTORING, then I definitely would. Sarah is calm, patient and a lovely person in general and has great knowledge in her profession and allows her learners to come away with lots more skills and practice, pricing is also really reasonable and ELITE SCHOOL OF MOTORING gives an all round great service. Thank you ever so much Sarah x”

    Kiara McGinley, Chelmsley Wood


    “I found driving difficult but Sarah enabled me to pass. She was helpful and supportive while been patient with me. I took multiple breaks while learning to drive and Elite School of Motoring was very accommodating each time on my return. Each lesson I came away with new skills or knowledge which built up at a pace I was comfortable with. Sarah’s experience at teaching people how to drive really proves itself. I would recommend this driving school to anyone wanting to learn, the pricing is fair and the service that is given is really high quality.”

    Daniel Snazle, Hurley


    “During my time with Elite, my lessons were very start-stop due to covid, however, Sarah was very flexible with offering as many lessons to me as possible, working around my shift patterns. Sarah was very supportive and helped me through my driving test, ensuring I had the confidence and experience to succeed. Many thanks Sarah. I’m very grateful for all your time and support”



    “Steve is a fantastic Instructor, he always pushed me to be the safest driver I could be. He taught me the art of patience and made sure that I never rushed my drive. Despite my lessons being disjointed due to Covid-19, Steve ensured that I was able to pass first time. However most importantly, Steve taught me how to drive safely not just how to pass the test. I highly recommend him.”

    Luca Robson, Shustoke


    “I’ve had Steve as my driving instructor since august  2019 and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He is such an amazing teacher and today I passed my driving first time and it’s all because of Steve, I  couldn’t be more thankful.”

    Mia Cattell, Chelmsley Wood


    “Been a really great today, 1st time passing my driving test thank you so much for making me a safer driver and also the music I was listening to was “Hans Zimmer Lost But Won” on YouTube. I recommend listening to it on the day of the driving test because it really helps your brain get into gear.
    All I can say is thank you so much for my 3 years driving experience, it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn new things and correct mistakes.
    Stay safe and if you want to listen to the song I was listening to then type in on YouTube Hans Zimmer Lost But Won.
    From your favourite student David. 😎”

    David Mills,  Whitacre Heath


    “Steve was an amazing instructor who helped me stay calm and focused on the road. My lessons were really enjoyable and I felt as though I came away from every lesson as a better driver and I would feel more and more confident each and every week. There’s not many people like Steve; he was always able to break any tension or nerves and make me smile even if I was doing something that intimidated me. Steve is a great instructor and an even better person and I would highly recommend him to anybody and I am really looking forward to having my pass plus with him in the near future. 😁”

    Charlie Nash, Kingsbury

    “Sarah was a wonderful instructor throughout my driving experience. Sarah never cancelled any of our lessons and was always on time. Our lessons were of a high quality with lots of skills being developed in each lesson. My lessons were enjoyable and I always felt safe whilst driving with Sarah. I am so glad that I had an instructor like Sarah to help me through my test. Sarah always pushed me to drive to my best ability and I can wholeheartedly say that I am going to miss our lessons so much! I would highly recommend Elite to anyone who wants to learn to drive but also enjoy the experience! Thank you so much Sarah, I hope to see you around whilst driving” 🙂

    Charlotte McKenna, Kingsbury 

    “Thank you to Sarah for getting me through my driving test, first time!! An amazing instructor who explains everything and made sure I understood what I was  being taught, always patient with me and built my confidence up, can’t thank her enough, and always tried to work around my sons school hours, she never cancelled a lesson. Thank you for everything and see you around!!”

    Paige-Annie Price, Kingsbury

    “Sarah is an excellent instructor. Patient, encouraging and really builds your confidence. Sarah looks to ensure you are a safe and skilled driver and she helped me to pass my test first time.

    With all of my lessons Sarah was punctual, never cancelled and was able to fit lessons around my shifts and family commitments. I am 33 years old so a more mature student, the encouragement I received was great. The lessons are tailored to your level of experience and understanding and adapted as you progress to focus on the areas you need further development on.
    Elite School of Motoring lives up to its name. Sarah was very knowledgeable on all aspects of driving, the test routes and the local areas.
    Anyone older considering having lessons then do it, it truly is life changing, it’s never too late and I cannot praise and recommend Elite highly enough. That goes to younger people too, if I had used Elite when I had lessons aged 17 I have no doubt I’d have seen it through and would have been driving 16 years now!
    Thank you Sarah. I wish you and Steve all the best in the future.”

    Tim Bruton, Water Orton

    “Thank you Steve for your patience, hard work and fantastic tutoring. I would highly recommend Elite to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Total professionalism. Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

    Stewart McCollam, Water Orton

    “Passed my driving test first time with three minors. Steve has been nothing but patient, calm, and knowledgeable throughout my entire journey from barely understanding how the clutch works, to hanging over the steering wheel after a “You’ve passed” from the examiner. Simply couldn’t thank Steve enough for all he’s done. Would recommend to absolutely anyone.”

    Oliver Gardner, Coleshill

    “Thank you so much to Sarah! I passed my driving test first time with only three minor faults! I’m extremely grateful of how patient and lovely you have been with me! Would definitely recommend this driving school for someone starting out 🙂
    Thank you again.”

    Peyton Fell, Castle Bromwich

    “Would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah for being a patient and caring driving instructor throughout the whole process. I passed my test second time today thanks to her helpful and brilliant teaching methods. Couldn’t recommend anybody better than Elite, thanks for everything Sarah!”

    Holly Shipway, Coleshill

    “I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive, thanks to Sarah’s fantastic teaching! Everything was taught really thoroughly at a good pace and I was able to pass my test first time. Thanks again Sarah, I couldn’t have done it without your help!”

    Niamh Ling, Kingsbury

    “Many thanks to Sarah for teaching me to drive and for helping me to pass my driving test first time. Also thanks to Steve for taking me through my Pass Plus course. I would thoroughly recommend Elite School of Motoring.”

    Nick Tate, Curdworth

    “Really happy I passed my driving test today. Would like to say a big thank you to Sarah for being a very kind and patient instructor. I couldn’t have done it without her, thanks again! I definitely recommend Elite School of Motoring to everyone! :)”

    Helena Lewis, Kingsbury

    “Thank you to Sarah for helping me pass my driving test! Sarah was so friendly, helpful and patient with me during my lessons. I love the freedom I have now I can drive, would fully recommend Sarah!!”

    Bethany Reynolds, Shustoke

    “Sarah was a fantastic driving instructor and helped me pass my test on my first attempt. She was very patient during my lessons and always took the time to explain things clearly. Every week I looked forward to my lesson with Sarah and I highly recommend the Elite School of Motoring to everyone who wants to learn to drive safely. Thank you!”

    Ola Takruri, Hurley

    “Big thank you to Sarah for helping me to pass my test first time, my lessons were really helpful and enjoyable and got me not only to learn how to drive, but how do drive safely. I really appreciate the help given and would fully recommend Elite to anyone wanting to learn how to drive 🙂 thank you!”

    Emily, Lea Marston

    “Well I passed my driving test today. I couldn’t have had a better teacher than Sarah. I did have my first lessons with the AA group but didnt seem to be getting anywhere, then I came across Sarah one day as I walking up a hill on my way home. I knocked her car window & she was & is, a friendly person. As am in my mid 40’s she made me feel confident & guided me through every step of my understanding of how to be a safe & confident driver. A big thank you!”

    Steph Doherty, Castle Bromwich

    “So happy to have passed my test after many years of putting off learning to drive due to nerves and lack of confidence. Sarah was very understanding and patient with me, made me feel at ease whilst still ensuring I remained vigilant and safe behind the wheel. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and am so grateful for all the safe driving skills learnt. My family and I will benefit hugely now I can drive. Highly recommend. Thank you so much Elite and good luck to all learner drivers.”

    Samantha Beech, Bolehall

    “The Elite School of motoring is a fantastic driving school, I was able to pass my driving test first time and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. I was able to learn new subjects each lesson and revisit areas that I found difficult. Overall my instructor was very friendly, patient and supportive and I would encourage people to take up lessons with elite they are at a very high standard with a low price.”

    Shannon Murrell, Kingsbury

    “I just want to say a massive thank you to Sarah for helping me to pass 1st time, I definitely couldn’t have done it without her. She is very patient and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and I have been recommending her to my friends. Thanks again Sarah.”

    Aimee Moulton, Coleshill

    “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Steve for my PASS PLUS course. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone! I have learned a lot and feel so much safer and more confident for it! Annie.”

    Annie Meers, Water Orton

    “Massive thanks to Steve and Elite for helping me to pass first time. Couldn’t of asked for better teaching, and its safe to say you won’t get this standard from anywhere else, would definitely recommend Elite.”

    Alex Davis, Coleshill

    “I’d almost decided to give up driving when I gave it one last try with Sarah. I was a very nervous driver but she boosted my confidence and helped me to pass my test first time! She was always very calm and patient and I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of learning how to drive.”

    Amelia Richards, Nether Whitacre

    “Passed my test 2nd time today with the help of Sarah 🙂 Great teacher and very patient, very good if you have her as your instructor. Thanks for everything Sarah xx.”

    Kelley Watkins, Chelmsley Wood

    “I passed my test yesterday on my first attempt, all thanks to Sarah! She is patient and an excellent teacher, and has taught me the skills to drive safely. I would highly recommend to anybody learning to drive.”

    Natalie Caddick, Chelmsley Wood

    “I had my lessons with Steve, he was professional but still friendly. My time was well spent and I enjoyed my lessons. He was extremely patient with me and most importantly taught me the art of safe driving and taking my time over things, which I really appreciate. I would certainly recommend Steve and Elite School of Motoring to anyone else looking to pass their driving test.”

    Ahmad Takruri, Hurley

    “Steve is a very friendly, patient and understanding driving instructor. He lets you go at your own pace and allows you to feel confident whilst on the road, Steve was always on time and lessons were always enjoyable. I would highly recommend Elite School of Motoring to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive, it is one of the best experiences, and one of the best feelings when you pass! I would also like to thank Steve for providing me with the skills to be independent whilst driving now I have passed my test.”

    Holly Clarke, Coleshill

    “I would like to say thank you to Steve for providing enjoyable and rewarding driving lessons. He is very patient, friendly and understanding, and allows you to progress at a pace that suits you. I have wholly enjoyed my experience of learning to drive and would recommend Elite School of Motoring to anyone.”

    William Swift, Arley

    “I passed my test today and wanted to say thanks to Steve. Every lesson was a pleasure; he is patient and puts you at ease. A great instructor speaks to you on your level and always keeps his cool. I’d be happy to recommend Elite Driving School, and especially Steve, to anyone who wants to get behind the wheel.”

    Abbie Lloyd-Kelly, Coleshill

    “I want to say a big thank you to Steve for helping me to pass my driving test and also offering advice on the driving theory test. Steve was patient and took the time to answer any queries I put his way.”

    Tom Jeffery, Coleshill

    “Had such a great time learning to drive with Steve!! He is a great instructor, he always made sure I completely understood everything and could learn in a completely safe environment. I always enjoyed our lessons and think it was worth every penny for me pass today. I think Steve has given me the best start I could have to driving and has given me the skills to be the safest driver I can be. I would recommend Elite School of Motoring to anyone as I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!! Thanks!!”

    Annie Mears, Water Orton

    “I lost my confidence because I wasn’t using my car very much. I rang Steve and booked some Advanced Driving Lessons.
    We covered several motorways, night driving on country roads and lanes, icy and frosty roads, also parking in car parks and correcting my driving habits. Steve is very professional, patient and an excellent teacher. I have also recommended Steve to my retired friends, we all need to update our driving skills to keep us safe on the busy roads. I will now look forward to many years of safe driving. Thanks again Steve.”

    Margaret Townsend, Coleshill

    “I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah for being such a great instructor! After a 4 year break from learning to drive, Sarah was able to give me the confidence to get back on the road and I felt at ease throughout all of my lessons. I was able to pass first time with Sarah as my instructor and would recommend any new drivers to learn with Elite!”

    Emma Walton, Kingsbury

    “Just to say thankyou to Sarah for helping me pass my driving test first time. Lovely instructor, always friendly and on time. Would definitely recommend learning to drive with Elite.”

    Hollie Licence, Castle Bromwich

    “Passed today first attempt with Sarah as my instructor a great lady to learn from highly recommend Elite to anyone.”

    David Bottrell, Chelmsley Wood

    “I would like to thank you Sarah for helping me to learn to drive and getting me through my driving test, you are an excellent driving instructor, without your support and input I would never have got to this stage, I passed today. Thank you.”

    Pauline Mcgrath, Coleshill

    “I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Elite School of Motoring. Having Sarah, she made me feel relaxed and taught me the skills to drive. I would highly recommend Elite School of Motoring as I passed first time and enjoyed every moment of learning to drive. I would like to thank Sarah for teaching me to drive with confidence. I would also like to thank for Steve for doing my mock test as it made me more relaxed on my real test”

    Jodie Washington, Kingsbury

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive at Elite School of Motoring with Sarah as my instructor. Sarah made me feel relaxed and gave me the confidence to pass first time! I can highly recommend Elite School of Motoring. Thanks to Sarah’s support I feel able to drive with confidence. Thank you Sarah”

    Alex Jenkins, Kingsbury

    “Thank you Steven for giving me the skills and confidence to pass my test the first time around. I would recommend the professional yet friendly manner”

    Monika Sierpinska, Water Orton

    “I really could not have asked for a better driving instructor, I recommend Elite to anyone. Sarah taught me everything you need to know about driving and pushed me to achieve my best. She always made sure I understood things and always made time for me. I am so happy I chose to learn with Elite because Sarah was honestly brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Definitely choose Elite :-)!! Thank you Sarah x”

    Mollie Needham, Castle Bromwich

    “Elite School if Motoring was recommended to me by my friends, and beyond any doubt, it was the right choice.
    Sarah is a highly professional instructor who can combine the best teaching methods with individual approach to the learner. Thanks to her experience, competence and patience I managed to pass the test at the first attempt. The atmosphere of the lessons was always reassuring which helped me to make good progress and feel confident and safe whilst driving.
    I would not nave any hesitation in recommending Elite School of Motoring to anyone who needs driving lessons”

    Olena James, Coleshill

    “I’ve had a great time learning to drive with Sarah. She was able to build my confidence on the road and always gave excellent advice! Thanks for everything Sarah. I would highly recommend Elite to anyone”

    Vicky Hines-Randle, Coleshill

    “Really professional Elite School of Motoring!I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Steve for not only helping me to pass the test but making me a competent and safe driver for the future. Steve is a brilliant teacher with excellent teaching techniques and great sense of humour. I would highly recommend Elite School of Motoring! A+”

    Iwona Sledzik, Coleshill

    “So happy I chose to learn to drive with Elite. Sarah was so understanding and always explained things fully until I understood. I occasionally went wrong but it didn’t matter because Sarah always gave me the confidence to try again. I passed first time thanks to Sarah and I would recommend Elite to anyone that was looking for an instructor. Thanks for everything”

    Antonia Halliday, Coleshill

    “Would like to say a Big thank you to Steve. He gave me a lot of confidence whilst driving and I was able to drive without having to worry about asking Questions. Great Instructor”

    Blake Green, Wood End

    “A huge thank you for Steve for being an absolutely fantastic instructor – just passed and also done Passplus. He is an instructor who is patient, understanding and doesn’t put you under any situation he knows you’re not ready for. Having said that, he also pushes you immensely when you need it. Glad I didn’t go with anyone else! I’m going to miss our lessons immensely! I would most definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to do driving lessons and/or Passplus (or any other sort of driving lesson for that matter!) Thank you Steve!!!”

    Kurtis Slaney, Coleshill

    “I want to say a big thank you to Sarah! She has been a great instructor. She made me feel comfortable and didn’t feel like I was under pressure. She taught me things at my own pace and if I messed up she would re-do it with me to make sure I was happy. Passed my test 1st time and I believe that is to Sarah making me feel at ease and of course her good teaching 🙂 Definitely worth the time and money. Thank you again Sarah :)”

    Abbie Duffield, Shustoke

    “I would like to thank Steve for helping me pass my driving test and teaching me how to drive. He always stayed calm and helped me feel at ease throughout, he is very respectful and doesn’t waste your time or money!”

    Olivia Hobbs, Kingsbury

    “I’m so pleased I passed my driving test. Steve was very patient with me, and gave me the confidence to do better. I still can’t believe I actually passed, but I know its was all down to Steve and his great teaching. I enjoyed Pass Plus, it taught me very important skills which I recommend to any new driver. Thank you so much Steve.”

    Louise Lawson, Smiths Wood

    “After having a bad start to my driving experience I started with Sarah, she immediately got my confidence back and made me feel at ease when in the car. Thanks to her I passed first time and also thanks to Steve for the pass plus experience your both great teachers and I would recommend you to anybody.”

    Chloe Pudge, Coleshill

    “I am really glad I had Sarah as my driving instructor. She was lovely and teaches you at your own pace so there is no pressure to get everything perfect first time. I passed first time and I believe that it is because Sarah built up my confidence throughout the driving course and made sure I was happy with everything. Learning to drive with Elite is well worth the time and the money 🙂 .”

    Chantal Lake, Kingsbury

    “Whilst staying for a while with relatives near Kingsbury I thought I would try to get my full licence aged 17 (the age is 18 in Spain). I arranged to have lessons with Steve and thanks to him I am going back to Spain having achieved my ambition and passed first time. Steve was great and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. He even helped me when I was struggling with some of the theory. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive.”

    Javier Arana Mansell, Bodymoor Heath

    “A big thank-you to Steve for being so patient and understanding. Every driving lesson was enjoyable because I felt at ease and able to ask questions. I was so pleased that I passed my test the first time and it was down to him. So many of my friends used The Elite School of Motoring and all were as happy as me! I would highly recommend the service to everyone.”

    Amy Hipkiss, Over Whitacre

    “I would like to thank Sarah so much for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass first time around! As described on the website homepage, my experience of Elite School of Motoring was professional and reliable – Sarah was never late, never cancelled a lesson and made sure every aspect of becoming a safe, capable driver was covered. Sarah was very friendly, making learning to drive an enjoyable, and not at all pressurised experience. I would definitely recommend the Elite School of Motoring to anyone looking for a driving instructor.”

    Michelle Goodfellow, Coleshill

    “I would like to thank Steve for helping me pass my driving test. Steve’s teaching made me feel very comfortable at the wheel and I really enjoyed my lessons. He was very patient, always on time and very easy to get on with making learning very enjoyable. After I passed I did pass plus with Steve which was great for my confidence on the roads. I would like to thank him for all his help and I would highly recommend elite to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”

    Richard Stockley, Chelmsley Wood

    “Thank you to Elite for helping me to pass my driving test! I enjoyed my lessons with Steve, and I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs driving lessons! Thank youuu! :D”

    Sarah Hayes, Coleshill

    “I would like to thank Steve for being an amazing driving instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and learnt everything I needed to know to become a safe and confident driver. After a bad experience with a previous instructor I lost my confidence with learning to drive but after choosing Elite and learning with Steve, I was soon ready to take my test and passed! Thanks again!”

    Jennifer Twine, Coleshill

    “Steve’s professional teaching and encouragement helped me pass my driving test. He was very patient and always encouraged me to do better each time. Pass plus was great, it really helped me to be more confident on the road. I am so pleased I chose elite for my driving lessons. They gave me the result I never thought i could ever achieve. Thank you Steve.”

    Sarah Lawson, Smiths Wood

    “After a bad experience with a previous instructor, I started lessons with Sarah at Elite. I always looked forward to my lessons and as a result I am now a safe and confident driver . I can’t thank both Sarah and Steve enough for all their help and support in finally getting me there! Thank you so much!”

    Leah Harvey, Water Orton

    “Thank you so much Steve for teaching me to drive. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and have learnt valuable skills that will help me stay a safe driver. You were always on time and the way you teach makes learning to drive so easy. I must say I am the worst when it comes to tests but when I jumped in the car on test day, I thought lets show him what I can do and passed first time, thanks for everything!”

    Penny Mason, Coleshill

    “I’ve had the best time driving with Sarah! It won’t be the same not having my two hours in our lovely little KA. Thank you.”

    Katie Channing, Coleshill

    “I really appreciate what both Sarah and Steve have done for me. I am on the road now and feel really comfortable and confident. I really enjoy it and I know that I couldn’t have got to this stage without them. Thanks for everything.”

    Laura Brewster, Coleshill

    “I can’t thank Sarah enough for helping me to pass first time! I couldn’t have done it without her! I never used to dread driving lessons! I was lucky enough to sample Steve as well and I will highly recommend Elite as they are friendly and patient and make driving lessons fun! Thank you so much for your time!”

    Stevie Hales, Coleshill

    “Thanks to Steve I passed my test first time. Not only did Steve make lessons enjoyable during the entirety of my tuition, but built up a sense of confidence which allowed me to feel at ease during my test. I’d like to thank Steve for making learning to drive a highly enjoyable experience, and would highly recommend Elite to all!”

    Charlotte Clare, Whitacre Heath

    “I can’t thank Sarah enough for teaching me to drive to a high standard which enabled me to pass my test 1st time.
    Sarah was very patient with me when I wasn’t getting things right first time. When I wasn’t confident doing my manoeuvres Sarah gave me the boost I needed to perfect them and we spent extra time on them to get them just right.
    Thank you so much Sarah for giving me freedom and independence.”

    Kelly Ronald, Kingsbury

    “I was recommended to Elite School of Motoring by a friend when I decided to learn to drive and was impressed by Steve who was friendly and reliable. Steve helped me build up my confidence and was extremely supportive. I passed my test first time with thanks to Steve.”

    Thanks Elite School of Motoring!”

    Charlotte Charsley, Hurley

    “Thank you Sarah for making driving enjoyable and helping me achieve something I didn’t think possible.
    Your support has kept me going and I look forward to driving past you on my way to Dosthill.”

    Denise Purser, Castle Bromwich (Refresher course)

    “Sarah is a brilliant instructor. She is very friendly and built up my confidence allowing me to pass my driving test first time. All lessons were at a pace that suited me. Steve was very friendly and helpful when carrying out my mock test.
    Overall, Elite School of Motoring is brilliant and I would strongly recommend them to anybody that wants to learn to drive with friendly and professional instructors.”

    Kelly Hayes, Chelmsley Wood

    “I passed my test first time with Elite School of Motoring. Steve was reliable and friendly. He was easy to talk to, so I would like to thank Elite School of Motoring for teaching me to drive”

    Michael Graham, Chelmsley Wood

    “I passed my driving test 1st time after using Elite School of Motoring. The instructor was reliable and provided me with the relevant skills to pass both the theory and practical tests. I now look forward to many years of safe driving”

    Leanne Ridd, Kingsbury

    “I’m still in shock, I really thought I would fail but thanks to Sarah I didn’t. She is amazing!”

    Sarah Webb, Coleshill

    “Sarah was a really good driving instructor. I felt at ease and I learnt at a pace that was correct for me. I felt everything
    is taught to the highest standard and precision.”

    Brittany Evans, Coleshill

    “Sarah was a brilliant instructor, really easy to get on with and I felt very at ease with her, she’s great.”

    Rachel Wilson, Kingsbury

    “Sarah was a lovely friendly instructor and obviously knows what she is doing as I passed with 3 minors!”

    April Shackley, Coleshill

    “I found learning with Elite enjoyable and comfortable. My instructor was friendly, easy to talk to and a good teacher.
    I passed first time with no minor faults which was very pleasing. I would encourage others to use elite because of the success I achieved with them. The best thing I think, was the friendliness and pleasant atmosphere you got from being taught by them.”

    Sam Micklethwait, Coleshill

    “When I chose to learn to drive, a friend recommended Elite School of Motoring, as he was currently learning with them.
    All of the lessons I had with Steve were calm and professional. He turned up on time with a clean car. The lessons were ran at my pace and never pressurised. Elite School of Motoring taught me to drive on all sorts of roads, not only test routes, which has been invaluable since passing. Steve encouraged me to book my test when I was ready and I passed first time.
    I really enjoyed learning to drive and would recommend Elite School of Motoring to anyone who wants to learn with a calm and friendly instructor.

    Thanks for teaching me to drive.”

    Caroline Willis, Water Orton

    “Thanks to Sarah, I passed my test first time. I had lessons with two other instructors before calling Elite but none explained things so thoroughly. It was great to have finally found an instructor who was always on time and I found Sarah professional but easy to get on with. I really enjoyed getting on with my course and driving to the high standard Elite is known for. Thanks again Sarah.”

    Mr J Williams, Coleshill

    “I learnt to drive with Sarah at Elite School of Motoring. It was a pleasure to be taught and I enjoyed every lesson.
    Sarah has great patience making driving fun and enjoyable, but still teaching me all the required skills to pass my test first time. After passing my test I had the option to take my Pass Plus which I did with Steve. I found it very helpful and Steve gave me plenty of tips on safe driving.”

    Zoe White, Kingsbury

    “I’d like to start this testimonial by thanking Steve for the opportunity to tell people how much his patience and understanding enabled me to learn to drive successfully, thank you Steve. I heard of Elite School of Motoring through a friend who had learnt to drive with Steve and he came highly recommended, but three words struck out that encouraged
    me more than any thing else to give him a try. Professional, understanding and most of all very patient. I was nervous about learning to drive and the last thing I wanted was to worry about heavy criticism in the course of learning. Steve’s ability to correct an error in a calm and professional manor is second to none. Never once did Steve get ‘hot under the collar’ with me in all the time I was taught by him. His own confidence in his abilities empowers those he teaches to do better with self confidence and a smile; you really feel you’ve got the best man for the job. I have personally recommended Elite School of Motoring to dozens of people and have never once had any negative feed back. Also after completing my driving test Steve also took me through my Pass Plus, which I would recommend to any one considering learning to drive as it gave me much needed experience on a wide variety of roads. When ever I see an Elite School of Motoring car on the road as I go by I know that person is in very good hands.”

    Kyle Louis Patterson, Whitacre Heath

    “My time learning to drive with Steve through Elite School of Motoring, was both professional as well as enjoyable. I’ve had lessons previously with a terrible instructor, that consequently resulted in putting me off learning to drive for 3 years. The difference in teaching was outstanding and I felt much more confident and relaxed. This resulted in me passing my test 1st time, which is something I’m extremely proud of.”

    Morgan, Water Orton

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